Get low-down on Dry January

Each year it’s become part of British culture to give up booze for one whole month in January, thanks to the team at Alcohol Change UK.

Now let’s set the record straight, there aren’t any rules to qualify for taking part. You don’t have to be binge drinking six nights a week to give Dry January a go. It’s just a month for everyone who drinks alcohol (in any quantity!) to rethink their drinking habits. And we’re all for it!

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You can’t argue with the stats, are we right?

Picturing a whole month without a single G&T or a cheeky glass of prosecco might seem a bit bleak at first so check out these mind-blowing stats to help muster some motivation:

  • 88% of people who did Dry Jan in 2018 saved money (so you could treat yourself at the end of the month when you’ve successfully competed one month alcohol-free!).
  • 72% of people who take part find that they’re still drinking less six months after Dry Jan.
  • 71% of Dry January 2018 participants reported that they slept better during the month.
  • 66% of people who give Dry Jan a go feel as if they have more energy that month.

So what are the health benefits?

We’ve sifted through the research to save you the headache (we can’t be having those when it’s Dry Jan!):

Studies over the last few years have shown that ditching alcohol for the whole of January lowers blood pressure by about 5%. And lower blood pressure means less risk of stroke or heart disease. You also be lowering your cholesterol and your risk of getting diabetes by almost 30%. In some cases, Dry Jan has also helped participants reduce levels of cancer-related proteins in their blood too.

And there’s more perks!

You’re not just being kind to your body by giving alcohol a miss – you’re being kind to your mind! You never know but by giving dry a try you might even prove to yourself that you don’t need alcohol to survive certain social situations or to have fun. We find it’s healthier to deal with our feelings, rather than masking them with booze (although that totally feels like the easier option sometimes)! And you might find better ways to deal with stressful days by discovering a new hobby or a new way to unwind.

Make the most of Dry Jan

And because we’re totally determined to prove that giving up the booze doesn’t mean sacrificing fun. Here’s some events and activities to keep you from becoming a hermit at home during January:

Skylight Rooftop, London

Get yourself to Skylight for a skate on the only rooftop ice rink in the UK or have a go at ice hockey. From 13th January the bar will be serving up their all new Amplify Dry January drinks menu featuring our ‘Amplified Espresso Martini’ (so delish!). Be sure to bag yourself one of their cosy igloos to enjoy your alcohol-free cocktails in style. More info, here.

Collage Club, London

On 21st January we’re teaming up with Collage Club for an evening of crafty fun and awesome alcohol-free drinks at Kiosk N1C. We’re big fans of Collage Club, who are all about getting hands-on with paper and scissors to create amazing works of art. Get the full deets, here.

Duck & Dry, London

If the cold and dark of January are getting you down, why not treat yourself to a beaut blow dry at London’s coolest salon, Duck & Dry? From 23rd – 25th January we’ll be serving up Amplify at the Mayfair, Chelsea, Oxford Circus and Spitalfields salons. So you can amp up your ‘do and Dry Jan all in one place! Find out more, here.

Fettle x Amplify brunch, Leeds

For two Sundays only (26th Jan and 2nd Feb), we’re collaborating with the best brunch spot in Leeds, Fettle, to bring you a sober and plant-based brunch. If Dry Jan and Veganuary have peaked your curiosity then this is a date for your diary. Full deets, here.

Ministry of Sound Fitness, London

If you haven’t made it to a Ministry of Sound fitness sesh yet then it’s about time you did! It’s next level and we’re obsessed. On 30th January the team are holding a special Yoga class at MoS Farringdon. At the end of the session you’ll enjoy an invigorating Amplify and tonic before heading back out into the world, with self-confidence and endorphin levels at an all-time high. Check out the details, here.

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