Things to do this weekend that doesn’t involve Booze

It’s times like these where it can be tempting to reach for a ‘soothing’ glass of wine and before you know it, you’ve polished off the bottle and cracked open that bottle of gin. Alcohol can wreak havoc on your mind and body and is so not good for stress levels. We’ve pulled together some activities to do this weekend that don’t involve booze – making positive choices doesn’t mean less fun!

Lets bake!

Channel your inner Mary Berry and create your own wild and out there ‘star bake’. Yes, we know she is long gone but she’s still our number one! Check out Kim Joy, who does the best, detailed bakes or BBC Good Food have some epic recipes to follow online. Too much effort? Join the Insta crew and create your own chocolate and banana loaf. Even better, slice it up and share with your neighbours to spread some joy in these uncertain times. Remember those social distancing rules though, knock three times and leave on the doorstep.

Become a top chef!

We may not be able to visit our favourite restaurants but that doesn’t stop us from creating the experience at home. Think of your all time fave meal and why not try recreate it yourself? It can be as complex as that Michelin starred meal you enjoyed last year or even having a go at making your own cheeky Nando’s. Look up some meal recipes online and give it a go!

Make some lush mocktails

Swerve the hangover and make some delish mocktails which are that good, you’ll actually think you are drinking booze. Hello placebo effect, goodbye booze blues! Check out our website for some inspo. It was National Tea Day on Tues and everyone knows that a good cuppa tea always solves everything. Give our Jasmine Cooler one a go, made with a refreshing Jasmine Green Tea Syrup. You can grab the recipe here.  

Sort out those photos

Anyone else’s phone constantly popping up with that annoying storage alert? Well now’s the time to sort out those precious memories. Plug in your phone and start sorting them into folders and ditching the ones you don’t care for…do you really need that pic of your avocado on toast? You’ll have great fun reminiscing about the good times and adventures you’ve been on and make room on your phone for new memories.

Plan your next adventure

Start dreaming of your next adventure. We may be staying at home for the foreseeable but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning fun things to see and do when this is all over. Start putting together a list of things you want to do with the fam, your friends, partner and so on…we’re discovered loads of things we didn’t even know existed right on our doorstep!

Get up and move

It may be the last thing you want to do but we promise you will feel so much better and way more motivated for doing so. Some of the top London studios are doing live virtual workouts for FREE! Check out Barry’s, New Motion Fitness, Frame, and FighterFit. Why not also give the 5K challenge a go and donate to charity? Here are some tips on running for beginners from the NHS

Find a new or revisit an old hobby

If you have a hobby that you used to do all the time but stopped because of a job or time constraints, it’s time to take it up again! With lots working from home, there’s more time in the day to do these things. Use the time you used to have for your commute to take this up. Remember it’s also okay to just chill. If your hobby is sitting in a comfy spot, reading, that’s fine! You don’t have to become a green fingered, Spanish speaking, Knitting, Calligrapher by the end of all this.

Catch some Z’s

It’s the weekend, it doesn’t feel right to go to bed at your usual time…but why the hell not? Sleep is more important than that extra episode of Tiger King. Remove the temptation of the bottle and get into bed, listen to a Podcast or read your book. Get up early and enjoy a morning walk and appreciate all the sights and sounds of nature.