The Amplify Story

We believe making healthier choices doesn’t mean less fun. So our aim was to create a tasty, fresh alternative for the mindful drinker which still offers a sense of ritual while swerving the fuzzy head!

Gone are the days of lime and sodas or elderflower cordials and here’s to a new era of mindful drinking. Amplify is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit which is vegan friendly, gluten free and blends perfectly to create mixed drinks with complexity and finesse.

With beautifully bright notes of sweet orange on the nose mixed with lemon and bittersweet orange on the palate. A hint of ginseng persists throughout the finish alerting the senses to the complimentary notes of earthy juniper and lemongrass that provide a slight bitter edge.

It’s time to amplify your senses, opening up to new textures,  flavours and drinking experiences. Discover our signature serves and cocktails.

THE design

The artwork on our label has been specially created by the artist Sophie Abbott, inspired directly by her experience of Amplify. Sophie used all her senses to get inspired for this project and the painting reflects the sight and tastes of citrus and juniper. 

“I’m in my element with a lot of deep blue and then the combination of citrussy yellow, green and orange just fizzle around the edges. I used high pigment paint so the colours are really intense and by creating lots of layers and glazes, I created a powerful depth to the painting.”

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