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When did the product launch?

We officially launched in October 2019 and are now available in nearly 200 Morrisons stores. To find your nearest Morrisons store, enter your postcode and your nearest store will be revealed on the map.

How do you drink it?

We like it with with Premium Mediterranean Tonic over ice, topped with a fresh orange peel twist as this allows the bold orange flavours of Amplify to shine through. You can use Amplify in lots of different serves though! Check out our cocktails or follow us on Instagram/Facebook for a weekly dose of Amplify cocktails @drinkamplify.  

How many products are in the range?

We only have one product available – Zing and Zest! This has an orange citrus flavour profile. There are no current plans to launch another variant…yet! 😉

How is it made?

Amplify is made very much in the same way you would create a spirit but without the use of ethanol (a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars; alcohol..if you are looking for a technical definition!). We use a very modern i-still rather than a typical copper still, it’s one of the latest and most advanced stills out there. It allows more accurate temperature controls which is really important when we’re trying to pull all those delicious flavours from our botanicals.

What is the shelf life?

We recommend using within 3 months of opening. As it doesn’t contain alcohol, you’ll find that the drink will start to lose those vibrant flavours once opened longer than 3 months. Get the friends round and enjoy!

Do I need to keep it in the fridge?

Nope, you can either stick it in a cupboard or have it proudly on display and show off the incredible label artwork created by artist Sophie Abbott.

Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans?


Is it gluten free?

Yes, absolutely!

Does it contain nuts?

No nuts at all!

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