free of alcohol, free in spirit

Amplify is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit, made for those young at heart drinkers who are thirsty for new experiences and want to make the very best of every moment. It’s time to swerve the hangover, drinking it all in; the sights, the sounds, the tastes. 

A unique blend of botanicals that fire up all the senses, alive with vibrant orange citrus. Expect scents of sweet orange with beautiful tasting notes of lemon and bittersweet orange. Pops of ginseng, earthy juniper and lemongrass provide a slight bitter edge.


Enjoy Amplify in its new convenient canned format; the perfectly balanced mix of Amplify distilled non-alcoholic spirit and Mediterranean tonic. Making healthy choices doesn’t mean less fun – gone are the days of lime and sodas or elderflower cordials; here’s to a new era of mindful drinking.

At only 65 calories, refreshing Amplify cans aren’t just an option to avoid the side effects of drinking booze, but they’re also a lighter option too. 
Available in trios or packs of 12.

Turn. it. up.

This is the start of something new. Of something more.

An invitation to play, to explore and amplify your experience. No alcohol to dull your senses. Which means you’re sharper. More in the moment. More open to enjoy the craftsmanship that’s helped to create this complex drink. So think different, drink different. And let’s make this a night (or day) to remember.


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