9 tips to survive the end of Dry January

We’re at that point in the month where January feels like it’s gone on for 142 days and we don’t blame you if you’re getting tempted to reach for the booze. Seriously, will the lighter nights and warm weather ever return?

But you’re so close to the Dry January finish line now that we wanted to help you make it right to the very end. So we’ve asked the Amplify team to share their top tips for surviving Dry Jan. Check them out below!

  1. If you’re going out in town with a big group of friends (‘cause we don’t want you to sit at home alone just because you’re not drinking!), be sure to order your own drinks at the bar. If you head up by yourself and order a mocktail no one even needs to know and no one will get the chance to pressure you into ‘just having one’.
  2. Plan something fun for Friday night, instead of a night out. If you’re the kind of person who just needs to remove themselves from situations that might make you crack then why not organise some alcohol free fun on the evenings that you’d usually find yourself drinking? Try hosting a sober fuddle, where everyone brings a different dish and you could mix up some of our delicious mocktails.
  3. Treat yourself! It’s nearly pay day and we bet you’ve saved yourself quite a few pennies by avoiding booze this month. So how about thinking of a present you’d like to gift yourself if you make it to the end of Dry January? That should help with your motivation levels.
  4. Write a list of the reasons why you wanted to give Dry January a go this year. Check off the ones you’ve completed or write about your progress on the ones that aren’t quite complete, then think about how to make sure you’ve nailed these by the end of the month. It’s so rewarding to set a goal and actually achieve it!
  5. Try an alcohol-free option that you haven’t tasted before. There are so many options out there now for you to try, from nosecco to non-alcoholic spirits, beers and ciders. We like Amplify (obvs!), Thomson & Scott Noughty sparkling wine and Brewdog’s Punk AF alcohol-free beer.
  6. Do something new! Distractions are definitely necessary by the end of the month. We bet there’s loads of weird and wonderful activities to try right on your doorstep. Think indoor climbing, go-karting, craft workshops or a new film at the cinema. Or you could even try being a tourist in your own town – head to see local landmarks that you probably walk past every day but have never been inside.
  7. Phone a friend. If you’re a smart cookie, you’ll have teamed up with a friend to keep yourselves on track together and offer support to each other throughout Dry Jan. Something as simple as a quick chat can be super helpful. Plus we know you won’t want to let each other down!
  8. Prepare yourself for peer pressure. Now that February is in sight, your friends who haven’t been doing Dry Jan will probably try to lead you astray. We’ve heard it all before – “it’s the 28th Jan, you’re basically there, you can just have one now”. Plan and rehearse how you will respond in these situations to avoid giving in.
  9. Get outdoors to reinvigorate yourself. Fresh air is actually proven to make you happier. The more oxygen you breathe in, the more supplies your body has to produce serotonin which is a hormone that makes you feel good. So wrap up warm and head to the park, your local nature reserve or further afield.

We hope our tips come in handy. And don’t forget – you’ve got this!