Amplify Your Chill During the Heatwave

Top Tips for Keeping Cool in the Heat

The UK is currently experiencing a heatwave with temperatures of over 28 degrees, leaving a lot of Brits hot and bothered… With the average temperature in Britain being 18 degrees, these soring highs have left people searching for relief. Well look no further, as Team Amplify have got you covered!

1. Keep hydrated

Hydration is key to surviving a heatwave. It’s crucial to regularly drink fluids, as it’s one of the most effective ways to bring your body temperature down. Dehydration happens when the body loses too much fluids, so keep them replaced with plenty of water and then tasty ready to go option like our Amplify cans.

2. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine can raise your temperature leaving you feeling hot and agitated in a heatwave, which can also lead to decreased productivity. Try switching out caffeine for a cooling alternative whilst the heatwave booms. Iced coffee, anyone?

3. Shut out the sun

During the day whilst the rays are in full force, it’s best to keep your blinds and curtains shut to minimise the sunlight and heat glaring into your house.

4. Shower later

Before getting into bed, hop in the shower and be sure to change it to a cooler setting. This is a great way to reset your temperature and leave you feeling fresh and clean overnight! We’re not letting the heatwave defeat us…

5. Freeze your sheets

Break out a zip lock bag, remind yourself how to do origami and get your sheets down to size that’ll fit and then place them in the freezer before bed. When you bring them out, they will feel like a welcomed relief. This definitely isn’t a long term fix, but the short relief is SO worth it!

6. Unplug some devices 

Electronics create a lot more heat than you realise, and in times like this every bit counts. By unplugging devices not in use like phone chargers and extension leads you’ll reduce the amount of heat being generated in the room, helping to lower the overall temperature during this heatwave.

7. Cook alfresco

Brits only have a short seasonal window where they are able to cook and eat outside without getting soggy buns, so make the most of it and take your cooking and dining into the garden or local park. Ovens and stoves generate a huge amount of heat, so switch to a BBQ (or have a light and cool picnic spread) to keep the heat outside, whilst eating some tasty treats!

8. Upgrade your fan

If you haven’t already caved in and bought a fan, you’re built differently to us! But sometimes a fan still isn’t enough, so we like to upgrade our fan by placing a bowl of ice water in front of it. The fan will blow out the cool air coming from the ice water, creating a refreshing cold mist… perfect!

9. House plant helpers

House plants are the key to permeate a hot close room with cool moisture. Some plants can even absorb pollutants, such as aloe plants, making the heat even more manageable.

10. Ditch the duvet

Time to switch out the winter duvet for summer cotton sheets or a lighter tog. Light-coloured cotton sheets are much more breathable and comfortable to sleep in than silk and satin alternatives too!