7 Benefits to More Mindful Drinking

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We’ll be the first to admit that making the decision to drink less alcohol can be a bit daunting. If you’re considering taking a step closer to sobriety, slowly cutting down your alcohol intake is a great way to start. It allows your body (and mind) to get used to the change which in turn, makes it easier to drink less of it.

If you still need convincing that you should give it a go, here are the benefits that we’ve noticed in ourselves since opting for alcohol-free alternatives:

1. Catching some serious z's

It’s no secret that alcohol can affect your sleeping pattern and mean that you’ll either struggle getting to sleep, or have trouble staying asleep during the night. Nobody likes getting up for work or having a day looking after the kids after a rubbish night sleep so why not try drinking less in the week and see if that helps? That way you can still drink every now and again but not too often.

2. wake goodbye to hangovers

Are we right in saying that nobody enjoys hangovers? This was a no brainer for us really. If no drinking meant that we could wake up feeling fresh and energised on morning, we were 100% up for it!

3. A clearer head = a winner

This isn’t just in terms of a hangover but for your general mental health. Some people find that drinking alcohol often triggers anxiety within themselves for a number of reasons. One of those could be the worry of what you said or did the night before. We say lay off the booze for a while and have a day (or night) to remember instead!

4. healthier lifestyle? Yes please!

You may not just feel healthier but be healthier too. Sometimes when you’ve been drinking quite heavily, you crave junk food either that night or the following day and a McDonalds is ok every now and again but not every night! As well as trying new alcohol-free alternative drinks, you also could try new food whether that’s healthier snacks or experimenting in the kitchen. Now is the perfect time to try new things and find new habits that you LOVE.

5. A whole new world to discover

If you’ve drunk alcohol regularly for quite a long time, use your period of drinking less to explore these amazing new choices. In 2021, you’re lucky that there is a whole world of non-alcoholic options to help you dip your toe into the world of alcohol-free. At Amplify, we believe making healthier choices doesn’t mean less fun. That’s why we’ve created a tasty, fresh alcohol alternative for the mindful drinker that still offers a sense of ritual while swerving the fuzzy head!

6. that fresh feeling

With your better night’s sleep and lack of hangover and fatigue, you’re going to feel much more alive and awake in a morning – #winning!  If you do crave a drink to wind down after an energetic day, why not amplify your senses with one of our mocktails and find out which one is your fave, or have your favourite alcoholic drink and then an alcohol-free one after?

7. watch that skin glow

Yeah, you could spend a fortune on a skincare routine suggested by your favourite Instagram blogger or just try to reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink. Alcohol can dehydrate your skin which isn’t ideal so it’s worth giving it a try and see if it helps we say!

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