How to Stay Alcohol Free this Dry January

Is this your first-time attempting Dry January? Do you need that extra bit of motivation to stay alcohol free? Worrying that you’ll stray away from staying sober? Either way, you’ve landed in the right place! Here at Amplify, we want to help you stay focused on your first goal for 2021.

We believe that you can be free of alcohol and free in spirit, so here are our top tips to help you stay away from alcohol throughout Dry January:


We suggest putting a list together of the reasons why you want to stay sober for the whole month. Whether it’s to help you lose weight or just to reset your relationship with alcohol; put a list together and stick it on your fridge or kitchen cupboard to stop you reaching for your favourite tipple.


If you’re the kind of person who reaches for the bottle of wine or gin on an evening, make yourself so busy that you no longer think about it! Spend your Dry January learning a new craft, by becoming a total bookworm, or keeping yourself active and start running. All of these things are guaranteed to keep you alcohol free.


There are 5 weekends in January this year so that’s at least 5 hangovers that you won’t have and won’t MISS! Your Sunday mornings in Dry January could be spent walking and taking in lots fresh air instead. You could always just binge some Netflix on the sofa too if you wanted… we won’t judge. As long as you’re leaving the booze alone that is!


Now is the perfect time to get adventurous in the kitchen and see how many amazing mocktails you can create. Alcohol-free cocktails tend to be a lot cheaper and lower in calories too. Plus, you may just find your new favourite drink for Dry January and beyond! Getting creative will also make staying sober a lot more fun. We’re a little biased, but Amplify, or distilled non-alcoholic spirit, makes some amazing ‘cocktails’.


Dry January doesn’t mean that all the fun has to stop. In fact, it means the total opposite! You’ll feel amazing during and after Dry January so keep smiling and get ready to reap the (many) rewards. If you’re hosting during January or celebrating a special occasion, we’d suggest still using your favourite Champagne glasses to feel a bit extra boujiee but instead, top them up with a delicious alcohol-free drink.


There are 7 months with 31 days and January just happens to be one of them. Think about how quickly December flew by, because Dry January will be no different, and you’ll be just fine.

Good luck and stay strong; you won’t regret it!