Let’s Pack the Perfect Picnic

Picnic season has ARRIVED!

Join us in a huge cheer to lockdown restrictions easing… hurray! Thank goodness that Spring is here, and freedom is edging closer and closer. Like everyone, we’re so glad to be reunited with our pals for long overdue catchups outdoors.

Right now, you can find us in the park chilling on our picnic blanket with our favourite music playing surrounding by our favourite people and lots of amazing food and drinks. Not sure what to pack in your picnic basket for your next get together? Here’s our guide to packing the perfect picnic…

Beverages galore

Let us get our priorities straight and make sure we’ve got the perfect cans packed to last us the day. Right now, we’re opting for our Zing & Zest Amplify cans. They’re not just delicious but allow you so amplify all your senses on the go in this new, super convenient format. If you’re not quite ready, or just now that bothered about going back to drinking alcohol yet, these are the perfect option for when you’re out and about. We think 12 cans (for only £18!) will last your next picnic and then some.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks!

Depending on how long you’re heading out for, it’s wise to add a range of nibbles into your picnic basket. All of the usuals, sandwiches/wraps, pasta salads and finger food are good, but we pack plenty of fruit too. Fruit always doubles up as a garnish for our non-alcoholic ‘gin and tonics’! Two birds, one stone…

AMPLIFY PICKS: We’re big fans of Squirrel Sisters for a selection of healthy snacks on the go, and you can find some amazing (sandwich-free) ideas in Nicky’s blog.

Aesthetically pleasing glasses

Being outdoors doesn’t mean that you can’t add a touch of class to your outing. If you’ve packed your favourite cocktail or mocktail into a flask, pour it into some fancy tumblers or wine glasses over ice. Certainly super Insta-worthy too! If you need some mocktail inspo, we know a few that transport incredibly well…

AMPLIFY PICKS: We’re loving Porter Glasses too, and don’t forget some portable (and reusable) cutlery should you need it! 

Plenty of ICE

There’s not much worse than a warm (and slightly sweaty) cheese and pickle sandwich and sausage roll. Our Amplify cans are definitely best-enjoyed ice cold straight from the can, so we always add 2 or 3 ice packs or wrapped up bags of ice cubes into our picnic basket before leaving the house to keep everything nice and cool.

AMPLIFY PICKS: Anthropologie have a really cool water bottle ice tray that is perfect for this time of year, and you’ll need some smaller ice packs to help keep your cans nice and cool.

A cosy picnic blanket

We always choose our picnic blanket wisely. Why? Yes, you need to sit on it but if you’re still out when the sun does down, you need something that you can wrap up in to keep you warm. Whether it’s a catch-up with your besties or the first meet up with your latest Tinder match, trust us on this one!

AMPLIFY PICKS: If you want to stand out in the park, or at the beach, Beau and Elliot have some fun blankets to choose from

Cheers to picnic season!