Quiz: Which Amplify mocktail are you?

Take our Mocktail Quiz!

Here at Amplify, we’re all for making the most out of life and whilst you’re at home and might be feeling a bit low, we want to pick you up with a bit on fun with a mocktail quiz. If you love quizzes and mocktails, you’re most certainly in the right place.

Have a go at answering the 5 questions below and find out which alcohol-free Amplify creation is best suited to you and your personality.

Question 1: You’ve just heard the news that you can venture back out to restaurants and cafés, where is the first place that you’re going?

a) Your favourite 5-star restaurant, you’ve missed feeling fancy!
b) The quirky, independent restaurant that will look amazing on Insta
c) Maybe for a cheeky Nandos, maybe just have another night at home
d) A vegan-friendly and health-focused café

Question 2: You’ve got to pick one fruit / vegetable, which one are you choosing?

a) Juicy pineapple
b) A zesty orange
c) A sweet and sour lemon
d) Refreshing cucumber

Question 3: Thursday is the new Friday! Your WhatsApp group are making plans for a night out next week, what is your go-to outfit?

a) Simple, classic and fashionable
b) Something loud and bright – it’s been a while since you’ve been out!
c) Jeans and a nice top / shirt
d) Smart casual always does the trick

Question 4: Which of these do you think your closest friends would use to describe you?

a) Sophisticated and a little bit boujiee!
b) Bold and confident
c) Calm and laidback
d) Alert and switched on

Question 5: Imagine that travel bans are a thing of the past, which one of these would you choose for your next holiday?

a) Luxury resort in the Maldives
b) Lively city break to Rio de Janeiro
c) Relaxing all-inclusive beach holiday
d) Backpacking around Europe

You like the finer things in life which is why you deserve one of our ‘Rock the Kaspah’ mocktails.

You belong in Team Amplify! Our ‘Signature Serve’ is bold and bright – apparently, just like you.

You’re likely a very chilled out person and that means our mellow ‘Basil Smash’ will be a great fit for you.

You’re probably more of a mindful person who’s easy going. Allow us to introduce you to ‘Turmeric Rocks’ – a match made in mocktail heaven!