Mum’s the Word! Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

What do you buy the woman in your life that deserves the world? It’s always a tricky one but don’t fret, we’re going to try our best to help you out this Mother’s Day!

If your Mum, Grandma, the Mother figure in your life or your favourite Mum-to-be is anything like us and loves a tasty alcohol-free drink then we’ve got a few gift ideas that will be sure to brighten up her Mother’s Day this year.


You can’t be a mocktail lover without your own shaker! Give mum the gift of her very own set and then she can get as creative as she likes in the kitchen. Who knows she may even repay the favour by offering you one of her new favourites during your next visit and pour you a drink into one of her new matching glasses.


Say that you’ve given Mum a bottle of Amplify and got the shaker set; now all she needs is a bunch of recipes to try. We’ve got an impressive collection on our website but it’s always a good idea to have a range of mocktails under your belt so that you’ve got something to suit every mood. Making healthier alcohol-free choices doesn’t mean less fun, in fact, it can mean the opposite!

sweet treats

What better to enjoy with a refreshing alcohol-free drink than alongside some chocolate? We’re a big fan of chocolate here at Team Amplify and Mum will no doubt love some too. Don’t just reach for a big bar of Dairy Milk or Galaxy this year though, instead, try something different and give your Mum a new and exciting chocolate experience.


We can’t really do a gift guide without a shameless plug. Our non-alcoholic spirit is perfect for Mums-to-be who can’t reach for alcohol right now or those looking to be a bit more mindful and experimental with their drinking. With beautifully bright notes of sweet orange on the nose mixed with lemon and bittersweet orange on the palate, we think Mum would love to try a bottle of Amplify.  


Did you know that Amplify cans launched recently too? These 250ml cans include our Amplify signature serve that give you the chance to amplify your senses on the go in a super convenient format. Seen as outdoor picnics will soon be back on the social calendar, now is the perfect time to gift a pack of 3 or 12 this Mother’s Day so that they can enjoy them in the Spring and Summer sunshine.

Happy Mother’s Day from Team Amplify!