Boosting Your Mood & Lifting Your (Non-Alcoholic) Spirits

Top Tips for Stress Awareness Month

Happy Stress Awareness Month! We don’t know about you but here at Team Amplify, we’re always quick to act on our physical pain and discomfort if we cut our finger or have a headache but we’re not always the same when we’re not feeling great mentally. But we’re trying our best to make that more of a priority and Stress Awareness Month is the perfect time to put some good steps in place to work on how you’re feeling mentally.

Whether it’s work or home life, things can always get a little stressful so sit back, relax and have a read of the things you can do throughout April to help boost your mood and lift your spirits.

Be kinder to yourself

Most of the time, we feel stressed because of the huge amount of pressure we’re putting on ourselves. Think about how (and where) you can reduce this in your life and make everything a little more positive. Here at Amplify, we’re all about the good vibes and we know things can be hard but just make sure you’re being kind to yourself!

Schedule some bestie time

Is there anything that a phone call with your best mate doesn’t fix? We think not. When you’re feeling bogged down in a million jobs, remember that plenty of laughter and a good old catch-up is only a phone call away. Even better that we can meet people outside now for drinks or a picnic in the park. We say grab your Amplify cans or fill your favourite flask with our Signature Serve and get out there. Your mind will thank you for it!

Get moving

Exercise is great for dealing with stress. The good thing is that there are SO many different variations to choose from so whether you love a sweaty HIIT workout or prefer a calming Yoga session, keep going until you find your ‘thing’. It won’t make your stress disappear, but it will help you feel calmer and distract your mind for a while.

Self-care routines

What does self-care mean to you? For some it can be a relaxing bubble bath with a new face mask or just putting your phone on ‘do not disturb’ for a couple of hours. For us, it’s all about sitting down with our go-to mocktail and watching our favourite film for the 500th time. Whatever makes you happy, makes you feel good and allows you to switch off for a little bit – do more of that!

Positive vibes only please

Some days feel more stressful than others, but by focusing on the positives, you can’t really go wrong. Before going to bed each night, grab your phone/diary/journal and jot down 3 things you’re grateful for or 3 things that went well that day. It’s such a simple thing to do but we think it’ll put a smile on your face and make you feel great. It’s all about creating more of those good vibes!

Find more info and tips to help for Stress Awareness Month on their website.